~PWOG BLOG Intro~By Rheannon

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My Dearest Readers,


Welcome to my first ever BLOG.  What an adventure!

My purpose in beginning a BLOG is simple.  You.  I want to encourage you in your dreams and in the things that God has called you to as a woman.

You will “meet” several ladies close to my heart who are, in fact, Powerful Women of God, who will be joining me in writing for this special space I have named The PWOG Blog (Powerful Women of God).  They are like you and I.  Each one has a different life and background creating a unique combination of wisdom and experience.

They are Pastors, Teachers, Business Women, Musicians, Artists, Wives and Mentors.  I hope you come to love them as I do and feel the depth of the love of Christ they all share as they endeavor to encourage and empower you.

Spread the encouragement.  Share this place with your girlfriends and be the Powerful Woman of God you were created to be, filled with wisdom and love.  Let’s go!


In the key of G,





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