~Understanding God’s Love~ By Faith

This is a topic I am learning more about every day. It is so incredible to me that I cannot earn His love- that my works do not make me better in His eyes and that the shame I have needlessly been carrying all these years is not from Him and does not motivate me to be better.  In fact it does the opposite, for nothing under condemnation can grow.

His loving voice may be convicting me but it is a comforting, encouraging voice saying, “Let’s grow in this together, you can do all things through me, and I love you.”

I’m not always sure if I am hearing His voice or making up things in my mind, so one day I was really trying to think of what He would be saying to me with a particular topic. I was imagining what I would say to my child (if I had one) about this topic.  I wouldn’t be saying, well if you tried harder you would be deserving. Or, you should continue to worry until this gets better. Or, keep being hard on yourself. Or, you can’t do it. It’s impossible.

No.  If it were my child I would be encouraging. I would remind them of times they got through things that were hard. I would tell them that they can enjoy an incredible life with peace and joy and that worrying doesn’t do anything positive. In fact it shifts your focus to lack instead of gratitude.

Our Father in Heaven is speaking to us this way. Why I keep arguing with Him and defending my worry, fear, and shame is beyond me, but It is time for a change.

Can we not get into agreement with Him?  To receive His unconditional love and use that to make an incredible difference in this world?  We can only give love that we have first received.

What if we actually lived the way He intended after the sacrifice of His son? Joy in every season of life, peace that surpasses all understanding, seeing ourselves through His eyes and empowering ourselves to live at our full potential. The other way of thinking isn’t serving us at all.

Let us rise up as daughters of the King that have fully educated ourselves to understand the promises of God and actually live them out one day at a time.  When you give a 3 year old a gift, did she do anything to earn it? No! It blesses you to bless her.

And she is certainly happy to receive it isn’t she?

He is waiting for us to open our eyes, hearts and arms and receive all the blessings and favor that are already ours.

Imagine all the people you could inspire to do the same when you are living it out.



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