~Gratitude~ By Faith

I have never felt as betrayed by my shame as when I realized it was impossible to feel gratitude and shame, (fear, worry etc.) at the same time.

How unfair to God, I thought. There I was counting my blessings, then almost like a safety blanket slipping back over me I was quickly reminded why I should be so disappointed and disgusted with myself.

Usually I can make sense out of that, it seems accurate.  That’s when I stopped praising God.  It broke my heart.


Think about this for a second, like begets like. Whatever we focus on typically grows in our lives.


If I am observing lack, in any area, fearing forward, I will usually continue to see lack or things to worry about.   After all it’s what I’m expecting.  What if I focused on the opposite instead?!

What do I have to be grateful for right now? What is going great? How has He blessed me today?  Then and only then will I continue to see “like” moments and situations.

As Psalm 37:4 states “Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. He is giving us this crazy simple guidance. And guess what the Greek root word for “desire” is?   “Of the Father”.

So not only did He give you that desire but a way to live life so as to allow those desires to happen. Delight in Him! Look for His love and favor in everything we do. Sing to Him, thank Him, and laugh with Him.

A good friend of mine shared recently that God told her to never work because she needs anything…because what if all her needs were met?  By God Himself!

We would be playful, carefree, loving, without pressure – using the gifts He has given us to further His Kingdom, purely from a place of love and gratitude.

What a Life.




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