~Good News~ by Mary

Things may seem a little bleak in our country today, but there is good news for us. The good news is…God is still on the throne, and we have a choice to make. Everyday, we can choose to live in His truth or to believe a lie.

The truth is, our original identity is wholeness. We were created whole, with significance, and a divine purpose. God made us safe and secure as He provided all of our needs. There was no lack of “self-worth”, no loneliness or sense of rejection, no guilt or shame, or need to be in control.

Our enemy, Satan, stole our true identity by deceiving Adam and Eve in the garden, causing them to lose their right perception of God and reality. Satan is still up to his old tricks trying to make us believe that we are rejected and spiritually dead, filling us with guilt, shame and the need for self-worth, causing us to feel weak and helpless, fearful and anxious. Fear, loneliness, anxiety and worry are the result of the fall. If these things are controlling our life, then faith is not.

In their nakedness, Adam and Eve experienced shame and guilt. They became depressed and angry. Attributes became needs. Acceptance turned into rejection. Which is why we all feel the need to belong. Shame and guilt turned into weakness and helplessness, which brought the need to control. Sinful behavior was the result of a wrong attempt to meet basic needs.

For today, let’s choose to live in the truth. The truth is we are beloved children of the King, and our Heavenly Father would never condemn us. By His grace we can receive forgiveness and move forward. God is enough for us. We are whole in Him. Now this is the truth, and it is good news!




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