~Recipe Day~ By Christina

I decided yesterday to bake something this week. No big deal, you say? It is for me. Everyone who knows me knows I love to cook. I don’t bake. But one of my besties, someone I care deeply about, is having a baby shower and I am part of putting it on. So I am going to make a coffee cake. Well, I am going to try to make a coffee cake.

I have chosen a cardamom streusel recipe. Cardamom coffee cake is what my grandma used to make. It’s what my mom loves. Its special. It is difficult for me to think about making it. What if I mess up and it should end up on a YouTube ‘Fail Blog-Coffee Cake Edition’ instead of at a baby shower?!  Somehow trying might reveal a weakness in me.

But isn’t that what sacrifice is about? Doing something special, something hard, for someone you care about?

I started to read Leviticus in my devotion time today. Silly to compare Levitical laws to coffee cake making, but I couldn’t help but see the Israelite’s sacrifice through the lens of my daily life. They were called to give their best, to give it publicly, to give it out of duty, love and commitment. They brought their best to the door of the tent of meeting. I wonder how public those moments were. Were people watching? Knowing how the sacrifice giver had failed since the last sacrifice? Knowing if he had lived a life equal to the praise offering that was being given?

I am struck by the specificity of the first 3 chapters of Leviticus. Do this, then this, then this.  Its like a recipe. Is it a recipe for intimacy with God?

Of course, its not that simple.

But what if we can find a pattern for our lives in the laws-



Prioritize giving our best.

Live a life centered on repentance…

A recipe for my life to connect with Jesus.

This week, I will give the coffee cake recipe a try. A trial run.

Today I will give this Jesus and me recipe a try. I think it is more likely to turn out beautifully than the Cardamom recipe. Even my trying will be a fragrant aroma to Him.

And maybe that’s just what he wants.


Following the recipe with you,


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