~Summer Traffic~ By Leaona

I am not a person who’s normally late.  I am at least on time, if not early, and mostly early.  If something still needs to be done, I’m there early.  If there is a good seat, I can get it.  If all is well, I can check messages, or just chillax for a bit, knowing all is well with the world.  Besides, I was raised to believe it disrespectful to be late.  Then there’s the previous military time- THERE IS NO LATE, AIRMEN!

If something does go wrong, I’m the person who calls to let folks know.  Communication is key. It does not, however, right the wrong.  You’re late! 

But sometimes things just happen.  Even if you plan.  Even if you leave on time. 

I left on time.  I did!  Going to church for a special night of worship with some of our leadership from our “mother church” was exciting for me – I really looked forward to it!  Dessert was in the car, and the dog, (yes, we let good dogs go to church) with my bible, and whatever else was needed.  So, I headed out.  And so, apparently, did the guy with the home-made trailer behind his camper pickup.  And also the guy with 3 (yes, 3) kayaks on top of the car.  And the RV owners.  We were stacked up behind those folks like sheep waiting for the dipping.  None of them could get up to speed, and none seemed able to pull over, either.  (Really!?)  You would think the hot air from all the engines backed up behind them would have actually pushed them forward, but they weren’t budging.  I thought about sending my Chihuahua ahead to bite their tires, but it wasn’t really feasible.  She can run pretty fast, but I don’t think she could do a running start from the front of the Jeep…too high a jump.  So, we all just had to wait for them to finally get out of the way.  Then, the thundering herd took off!

So, I was a few minutes late to pick up my friend who was riding with me to church.  Stories of bad drivers ensued. THEN, we got behind this cute little silvery, sleek job who, apparently, had run atop a school of snails and could not dislodge them from their tires.  We made the call.  Running behind!  By the time a spot came to free the Jeep we were ¾ of the way there.  Not really much time to make up by then, so I showed up on time instead of early.  Stories of bad drivers ensued.

Wouldn’t it be easier if God showed up early?   So often, we don’t know how God is going to handle something, so we worry it, or try to power through it ourselves – what a mess. But with God we can look forward, joyfully, expectantly, knowing He is going to clear our path, or change our movement, or fix what might be broken, whether by us or others.  He’s on time, with The Plan.

Rom 5:6-7 Christ arrives right on time to make this happen…

1 Tim 6:14-15 Our Master, Jesus Christ, is on his way. He’ll show up right on time…

Ps 59:10  God in dependable love shows up on time…

Summer traffic won’t stop Him from being there for me.  I can rest in that Love.



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