~Time to slay it~ By Rheannon


There are all kinds of reasons to quit.  To give in.  To stop.  DON’T DO IT.

I bet you hear it all the time from the enemy.  “You don’t have what it takes to make this happen…you aren’t good enough.  You’ll never make it….”  Well, poop on that guy.  I’ve had enough.  Have you?

Satan comes as an angel of light to deceive people.  He really doesn’t want you to live up to your full potential in Christ, and he certainly doesn’t want you out there sharing the love of God with others and working in your ‘wheel house’ of faith and calling.

I have been there so many times.  I remember when I was a senior in High-School preparing to release my first gospel album.  You want to talk about resistance from the enemy!  Any time you are moving in an area that God has called you to, you will feel resistance from the enemy.  After all- if you weren’t on the front lines, you wouldn’t be shot at, would you?!  I’m not talking about direct disobedience to Jesus, where you face opposition because you are doing the opposite of God’s purpose for you and facing consequences.  This is about standing strong on the ground that God has given you.  Taking ground from the enemy.

Ladies- SUIT UP.  Get your inner “Jael” on and rock this place.

Jael…what a powerful woman used by God.  Remember the story? In Judges chapter 4, Deborah was leading Israel as a Judge.  She was a prophetess, and the wife of Lappidoth.  Deborah sent for the warrior Barak and told him of the Lord’s plan to destroy their enemy’s military leader, named Sisera, and deliver him and his troops into Barak’s hands to destroy.  But, Barak hesitated it seems, and replied to Deborah,

“If you will go with me, I will go; but if you don’t go with me, I won’t go.”  Deborah agreed to go with him, but because of Barak’s response to the word the Lord had given her, she informed Barak that the victor of this battle would not, after all, be him, but a woman.

The battle ensued.  When Sisera was told that Barak had come out to fight him, he gathered his troops to meet Barak in battle.  “Go!” said Deborah, “This is the day the Lord has given Sisera into your hands.  Has not the Lord gone ahead of you?”  The Lord had gone with Barak, and he routed Sisera’s men, chasing them and destroying them all.  Sisera however, escaped on foot and ran to the tent of Jael, the wife of Heber, a Kenite.  Relations between their clans had been friendly…until today.

Jael welcomed Sisera into her tent, gave him milk, and Sisera fell asleep, exhausted.  Then, the moment of truth…Jael grabbed a tent peg and drove it through Sisera’s temple, killing him instantly.  She became the heroine of the story of this battle.  Verse 23- “On that day God subdued Jabin, the Canaanite king, before the Israelites.  And the hand of the Israelites grew stronger and stronger against Jabin, the Canaanite king, until they destroyed him.”

Jael would not stand for the lies of the enemy.  There wasn’t friendship there.  It wasn’t true.  And she knew it.  It was time for action.  Later, Deborah said of Jael, “Most blessed of women be Jael…most blessed of tent-dwelling women.”

What lie of the enemy do you need to drive a tent peg through?  What is holding you down?  Take up the full armor of God, and don’t stand for it anymore.  And when the enemy tries to disqualify you from what God has for you, and haunts you with your past…REMIND him of his FUTURE…

Keep fighting for your family, your husband, your faith.  Keep praying for these things.  Pray about your job, your destiny, your life.  Pray that God will route the enemy like He did For Israel on behalf of your fervent prayers.  Be filled with Faith, Hope, Love and a whole lotta determination.



business card1



Photo from  https://www.google.com/search?q=Jael+Bible&biw=1536&bih=731&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjw-OzU6c7OAhUJ5mMKHUh8DbUQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=bMExzyUORj8_PM%3A

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