~Confusion~ By Sue

Today, it seems that confusion follows us everywhere.  Social media reports on it.  Our government feeds on it.  Families are living in it.  The media expands on it.  It is a disease that is spreading fast and sure.

I started thinking about the very word confusion and pulled up the dictionary to help me define it.  Confusionlack of understanding; uncertainty. The state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something.  The synonyms took it to an even deeper place; unsureness, doubt, ignorance, bewilderment, puzzlement, befuddlement, shock, daze, wonder and discombobulation. Woah!  Place just one of these words next to what is happening in the news today and it, unfortunately, fits.

God must have known this would happen to us as humans.  Confusion messes with our brain.  It causes us to do things that we would not have done if we had a calm and sure mind.  Confusion to God is like oil and water.  It just doesn’t mix.  It sits on the top and doesn’t let anything through.  It’s a barrier- a tall, high fence that won’t let us enter that awesome place of calm.

Picture a scene in which a crowd of people see a bomb explode.  They begin running, screaming, crying, not knowing where to go or what to do, and complete chaos ensues.  Confusion leads to chaos, chaos leads to fear and that all adds up to lack of power and a life filled with shock and doubt!  Now picture a scene on a beach, where everyone is relaxed and enjoying the surf, soaking in the sun and not having a worry in the world.  That’s the visual difference between confusion and a sound mind.

Paul, a leader in the Bible, talked to a young teen, Timothy, about confusion.  He told him,

2 Tim. 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  A sound mind.  Having that in our life gives us power.  Time to think, to consider every scenario.  Every outcome.  God’s desire is for his children to not live in a life of confusion.  Proverbs 14:30 even talks about how it ‘corrodes the bones’.  In essence, confusion destroys.

Take a moment today and see how confusion is messing things up in your life.  Then turn things around.  Don’t give into confusion.  Replace it.  I went back to that same dictionary and looked for antonyms.  I found calm, happiness, clarity, peace, order and sense.  When confusion rears its ugly head, stop for a minute.  You don’t need to fall prey to its destructive methods.   Grab someone to help you look at your life and see what things need to change to cut confusion out and bring some peace in.  Lay it all out and cut what needs to be cut.  Living in a world filled with anxiety and discourse is hard, but you don’t have to allow it to cover you and destroy you.  You have a choice.


Creatively His,


Sue  🙂



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