~We follow through on how we see ourselves~by Faith

In my last blog I spoke about limiting beliefs. I would like to expand on that with a more in depth look into how we see ourselves.

What do you believe about yourself? Do you think of yourself as athletic? Shy? Extroverted? Lazy?

I’ve heard that a belief is merely a table top that you have found legs (evidence) to support.

(With that thought in mind, and how you currently define yourself, one would then see that it’s only because of evidence you have found to make that belief a reality.)

After hearing this I took a few moments to write out how I see myself. To be totally vulnerable, I think of myself as somewhat lazy, unorganized, not disciplined and am typically not overly excited about how my body looks.
This was very interesting to acknowledge and then ponder why I thought that way about myself. Of course we can all come up with situations that would support a negative thought of ourselves but is that who we are?
If you consider yourself shy, can you think of anytime in your life when you were outgoing?
If you are anything like me and a few people I’ve spoken to about this I bet you can.

So, when was it – what happened that you thought on, mulled over, relived (embarrassment, rejection etc.) that made you decide you were shy? Or any adjective for that matter?

The problem with this is, as the title states, we follow through on how we see ourselves. We are constantly putting ourselves in a box from these limiting beliefs.
As I continued to explore how I saw myself. I found SOLID evidence(legs to support the table top) to affirm the exact opposite of each and every limiting belief I had come to own.

I could think of a huge portion of my life where I was very active, athletic even.

Where I was incredibly disciplined as I worked three jobs at one point. Or put myself through massage school.  Or planned, executed and paid for my wedding. Or earned my 1st of 3 free cars with Mary Kay and became a Sales Director.  I was organized and it felt great!
So why then, when I have all of this evidence do I go around shaming myself and holding myself back from the limitless potential I can empower myself to BE? I CAN be all of the wonderful things I have been before.

This takes intention, it does not happen overnight and it takes commitment.

But here’s the really exciting part. It can happen!!
As instructed by Anthony Robbins in his book, “Awaken the Giant Within,” try writing out all of your Empowering Beliefs of yourself, then all of the Limiting beliefs. Find evidence to support the empowering beliefs and write out the doubt that you actually have against the limiting beliefs. As you start to do this, your brain will associate pleasure with the empowering and pain with the limiting.

His book goes much more in depth and is definitely a recommended resource!
Our thoughts lead to our actions, our actions lead to our habits and our habits determine our destiny.
Imagine the possibilities.


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