~Wide Open Spaces~ By Rheannon

I love the open road.  Road trips mean adventure to me.  There’s so much world that I haven’t yet seen, but want to.  This last month has been such a fun time for my husband and I.  We Set off from Montana on a cross continent trucking trip almost a month ago now.  I have seen so many states and cities and towns and farms and mountains and plains.  Beautiful.  Each place has a beauty of its own.

Yesterday as we were crossing the flat lands of the US- the Midwestern farming states- I began to think differently about the place I was seeing.  Open.  So open.  As far as the eye can see!  There was golden grain and green grasses gracing the spaces, and a hundred miles after that there would be sand and rock for as far as I could see in the distance.  Quite diverse.

As I looked out across the expanse, I thought- “God, is my life like this place?  Am I open to You?  Can you see into all of me?”

I was reminded of what David said in Psalm 139:23- “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

Looking out across this place really made me see what my life is or could be more like…open and beautiful to my God.

There are different places in my heart and life, as I am sure, there are in yours.  Some places are green and lush, bearing great fruit to God.  Other places need a bit more sunshine and rain.  The best thing we can do is open our hearts and lives up to God-let Him have a look into the deep parts of who we are.  There are things in me that I know need healing and restoration, others that are doing well.  More than anything, I want my life to please Jesus.  Every part of it.  It may hurt to open myself up to the light of Who He is to allow Him to change me, but in the end, that is what will allow me to bear good fruit.  Then I can become like the land out here.  Diverse, beautiful, and producing good things!

God is not afraid of the rocky parts of who we are.  He can take anything and use it for His glory, even make it beautiful!  Let’s let God see the landscape of our lives.  Rocks and all!

So, God, here I am.  Every scene of my topography is Yours-a beautiful landscape of your Grace.


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