~Control~ By Faith

A situation a few weeks ago completely opened my eyes…

I had some frustration with a person, and my natural response was to shift my perspective as quickly as possible and to not give too much energy to it, avoiding dealing with it.  So I did just that and went about my day.  I remember even sending a voxer message to a friend expressing my overflowing joy and gratitude that day.

As my day went on I ended up at an appointment to receive energy work from my good friend Barbara Hall.  As soon as I arrived in front of the building my face started to itch slightly.  I went in and she asked me how I was, so, I  of course shared how great life is and how grateful I am.

Then she asked about my relationship with this person and my face proceeded to break out in hives.

Feeling very puzzled about my newly discovered anger I searched for solutions.

I listened to a message from Joyce Meyer that evening, and she said that if we are currently experiencing a tough situation then it is probably a lesson from God. And if I do not take this lesson for what it is then I will get it a different way with another person.

So she’s saying this isn’t about how wrong I think this person is? This is about me? Oh boy.

My week continued, and, after hearing another message from Levi Lusko this became more and more clear. In what way has my inability to control others actions and thoughts affecting my body, my mind and my heart?

This lesson, I believe, is a huge key to me realizing my heart’s desires with my Mary Kay Business.  How can I be a genuine leader if I am taking on other people’s decisions and actions? I can’t.

I believe my role here on earth is to love unconditionally. I am in a fight for my heart and I am fighting against the enemy who seeks division in my relationships.  It is such a relief to realize that how I  feel doesn’t have to be determined by the actions of others.  If it were always someone else’s fault then I would have no power in these situations.  I would just have to sit around and hope they change. Further more, what am I stopping God from doing in someone’s life by meddling or trying to get them to think and act how I think they should? It’s between them and God.

As Levi said in his message, God has given me the right mind to deal with whatever comes my way. If I can keep my power in it’s place and keep connected to God’s purpose, He can utilize me to the fullness that He desires. This will be a process and will take time and intention, but I feel so excited about it and know that by  fully depending on Him to help me respond to anything with a pure heart, that it is possible.



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