~”What’s that?!” ~ By Rheannon

My husband is coming home.  Therefore, I cook.  I want to be prepared for when he comes through the door.  I love greeting him with a bounding hug and kiss and a warm smile…and a house full of food.

Its fall, so I get to cook the things I love.  Stew, soup, lasagna, spaghetti, soup, chilli, pie, muffins, oh yeah!  He loves all those too.  One of my favorite things is making food that Jeremy likes and watching him eat it.  It makes my meal just that much better…and more entertaining!  I love that ear to ear grin he gets when he comes home and smells the aroma of whatever is in the kitchen and the excitement I can hear in his voice, “What’s that?!”

I love being prepared for him.

Lately I have been feeling like a less than awesome Christian.  Stuff just seems to get in the way of my Bible time and my prayer time.  The last few weeks have been a struggle in that department!  I get out of my groove, and then it’s super hard to get back in to.  You know what I mean- you wake up and the morning is rolling before you are.  You spend the rest of the day running downhill trying to catch it!  HA!

Last night I got together with a friend to pray and just ask God for help in a couple areas in my life.  I really want my heart to please God, and I don’t want to be a “fair weather friend” of God.  So we prayed.  My friend spoke words of encouragement over my heart.  I cried.  It was awesome.  The presence of God was with us.  The biggest thing I took away from our time together was that God really does want to spend time with me, and He is calling me back to my knees for time with Him.

Sometimes, (usually a bulls-eye for me!) the enemy uses busyness to keep us on a path of distraction.  It’s not always huge stuff either.  Just busy stuff.  He figures, if he can keep me busy enough, I won’t make time to spend with God.  Darn!  I hate that I fall for that so often!  Thank God for the riches of His Grace over my life!  He is the master of New Mercies and second, third, fourth, infinity chances!

Last night, I prayed and spent time with God.  It was good.  I forget that a place of intimacy with God is where my pazzaz comes from!  The *POW* of my Powerful comes from time with Jesus – same with my peace and my joy.

I want to prepare my heart for time with Jesus just like I prepare my home for time with Jeremy.  I want God to come in, sit down, and happily say “What’s that?!” to the aroma of my soul.  I’m ready to start again with that alone time with Jesus, inside and outside of His Word.  Just sitting with Him in the quiet, chatting.

Are you?  Go for it!

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”  Psalm 19:15 NIV


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