~Storm’s a Comin’~by Leaona

Storm’s a Comin’

I was born in 1959. I have seen my fair share of trials.

In fact, as I think of trials, different experiences rush through my brain, too many to count. A few rise to the top of the list. You know what I mean.

I can think of some that I knew almost immediately were my Lord teaching me something. That really does make it easier for me. But there are lots of times that took me by surprise, and caused great dismay, and it did not cross my mind that God was moving in my life. I resented them.

In my heart, sometimes I even thought about how to get even. Sigh – my thought life sometimes shocks even me!

I am better about recognizing the choice to see God’s Hand moving in my life now than I used to be. But something happened the other day that made me realize I have a ways to go.

I was in my back yard getting some things taken care of as a storm moved in. The wind took off and things started blowing by at a serious pace. You could hear the clouds threatening as they came across town, bearing down on my place quickly. The trees started paying homage, and dust scrambled in front of the cloud formation. People rushed from cars to their homes. Dogs ran back to their masters. Gray descended.

I began to rush to the back door myself when I heard something that caught my attention. A flock of birds was taking to the air. There must have been about 20 of them, larger birds, and they were doing what everyone else was NOT. The whole flock, in unison, struck up and into the heavy wind. They hung up there on open wings, teetering back and forth and calling to one another, obviously excited. They had watched in anticipation, looking forward to the storm. I was immediately hit with the realization that I need to find the joy in my trials. Not after them, but in them.

Looking forward takes hope, and builds patience to get me through. That sight has made me watch for God’s Hand more closely. And that is a good thing.

James 1:2-4 – My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. NKJV

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