~Waiting Room~ by Rheannon

I’m nervous. Sitting in a waiting room has that affect on us, doesn’t it?
I know I need to be here. I know it’s going to mean change. I’m ready.
I have allergies, a few of them. Over the years I have learned to deal with them. I don’t eat the chocolate cake at the party. Most the time I’m ok with that…unless there is chocolate and peanut butter together and I can’t have it! HA!
Today I’m sitting in the office of my naturopath in Kalispell thinking that there are about to be a whole lot more foods that I can’t have. Ugh.
I hate that…I know she’s going to tell me that some of my favorite things are now on my no-no list. Probably chocolate….
But, still, I have a hope inside me that this doctor is going to be able to help figure out what is hurting my body and show me what I can do to make it better.

I know I will be going without some things in my life soon, but I know it will make me better. Healthier. Stronger.
Sometimes our relationship with God is like that. He already knows the problem When we finally decide to come to Him and ask for help, He knows the solution. It may mean getting rid of some things in our lives that seem ok but aren’t producing spiritual growth or health, or it could be straight up toxic stuff that we are holding on to.
God is able to make us better. Our part is coming to Him, sitting in His waiting room, letting Him examine us and give us a diagnosis.
I’m tired of the symptoms, I’m ready for the solution. Physically and spiritually. I’m ready to be better.

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