~The Morning Sun~ By Sue

A gorgeous morning…  The birds were in full symphony, you could hear an unrestrained joy in their songs.  As much as I love to people-watch, I also love to view the houses that people live in.  Many things can be revealed without even stepping in the front door.  The way the lawns are manicured, whether there was extra effort taken in those tiny decorations that give you an outside welcome, flowers that have been planted and either forgotten or provided the utmost care.

I passed a small tree that may have been lovingly planted, but over time, ignored, and now tilted hungrily towards the sun.  You could tell that it had that inner knowledge that the only way to survive was to extend itself outward.  A father and his two children enjoying a quiet stroll together.  The little boy asleep in the carriage without a care in the world.  The daughter, skipping beside her dad and brother, feeling safe and secure in the moment.  The father, bleary eyed, still had a thought for human kind as he gave a small wave and a half-hearted smile in my direction.

Not even half-way around the neighborhood and my mind was filled with stories of what lay inside those many homes.  As I neared the end of my walk, the sun rose a little higher in the sky, and in front of me were two large streams of light.  They were pointing to me, seemingly touching me in the middle of my chest as if God had directed the rays my way to warm me and remind me that He was still here.  I have been having chest pains recently and found out that there are digestive issues that are causing it.  It has been a slow race in finding what can work for me.



In the meantime, I’ve continued to struggle with the pain.  So it seems apropos that this morning, God reminded me, with a sunny point of his fingertips, that He also looks at the outside of our houses, but from the inside out.  There are no walls.  No mortar.  Not even a chain link fence that can keep Him from viewing what is inside.  He doesn’t have to guess what is going on inside, He just knows.

Luke 11:40 says, “You foolish people!  Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also?”— Why do we as humans, forget these things?   It is as if we adopt induced memory loss, forgetting that we have a constant counselor – someone that knows us from the inside out.  Knows our struggles, our mental, emotional and physical pain, our loves, our losses, our hurts, our everything!

I took my glasses off and wiped them clean and the streams of light disappeared.  Now some would say that those sunbeams directed towards my chest were the result of a couple specks of dirt on my glasses.  I believe God allowed those specks of dirt to arrive in just the right way so that my view would be changed.  From the inside out.


Creatively His, Sue;)

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