~Nothing Under Condemnation Grows~ By Faith

As we chatted more about self and time management and priorities in my last few blogs, it is important to know one thing as we move forward-

Nothing under condemnation can grow.

The only way to move forward and actually make progress is from a place of love and choice.

If you are still feeling guilt, shame and condemnation about your past, or about why you are where you are, it is very difficult to change! Why? Because when you are making a plan from that unhealthy place it is based in fear and obligation. When you are “trying harder”from a place of fear or obligation you feel tired, which leads to rebellion, then to quitting, then guilt, then deciding whether or not to recommit.

When you are making the change from choice and love you have energy – you embrace the daily choices necessary and take action, which in turn creates a sense of freedom and you are then able to commit.

So how to we get to a place of love and choice?

You can do a very simple exercise daily until you are feeling motivated by choice.
Let’s look at the example of the health and fitness goal we talked about before-

Instead of focusing on what I don’t like about myself right now I am going to shift my
focus to the daily choices that will lead to where I want to be. Then, I write out what will
happen after time when I make these daily choices.
When I exercise for 30 minutes per day and eat wholesome food, I feel great-
Which leads to me looking toned, feeling fit and having energy-
Which leads to great health and confidence-
Which leads to me feeling great in any clothes I wear and in a swim suit.
You can go into as much detail as you can imagine. The important thing is to see the process not just the end result. Try writing these things in your own writing! It creates correlation between the brain and the hand when you write it out!

I recommend it daily to retrain your brain.

When you think about trying to change anything through negativity, it seems so obvious why it hasn’t been working. Instead, we can take God as our partner. He is not shaming us. He is saying “come my beautiful daughter, we can do this together. I love you and I want you to thrive in this life.”

John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

It is a new day. Find a new hope that you can have life abundantly. I believe in you.


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