~Menopausal Moments~ By Leaona

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~ Menopausal Moments! ~

…when the “you” at the store would like to be able to call the “you” at the house and ask what they need before you come home, because you forgot.

…when you wake up in the middle of the night wondering if you’ve died and things did not go as anticipated, or if someone opened a foundry in the master bath.

…when you have to go through your check book to see if you tithed this month.

…when sitting on the couch, eating chocolate and having a good cry about …????… takes priority over certain social events.

…when your family has that look of utter amazement / confusion on their face, and

…when no one will say why, out of abject fear.

…when keys become endowed with motives.  “Where did they go, and why are they doing this to me?”

…when jowls and love handles start to look the same.

…no, not night sweats – this is closer to night drenching.

…when you can’t remember why you are in that room.

…when taking the dog and going to the dump is considered a social outing.

…when staying up all night happens TO you, instead of YOU happening to IT.

…when running out of chocolate warrants a special trip to the store.

…when you know the punch line to all the jokes, but they’re still funny.

…when the idea of a grandchild stops making you feel old and starts making you feel young, and alive!

…when staying in and watching a fire crackle is WAY better than going shopping.

…when sitting and thinking of how much you love your kids is an over-whelming joy.

…when contemplating heaven is like thinking about going on vacation – you look forward to the adventure, all the answers you’ll finally have, and all the people you’ll get to see.

…when you are getting closer to learning “to be content in all circumstances.”   Phillipians 4:11-15

…when you really do know that “this, too, shall pass…but our LORD’s Words will remain.  Matt 24:35.

~ Leaona



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