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Recently I watched the movie “Creed” with my husband. It is a new movie about boxing, featuring Rocky.  In the movie Rocky teaches the main character that his biggest opponent is himself.

You would think that his best way to prepare is to train, eat well and learn the strategy of fighting. These are all important and essential, but his biggest obstacle was himself! If we can’t win in our mind first, we can’t win.

It’s not necessarily the actual things we are called to do that are very challenging – we can do incredible things as humans – It’s the battle of the mind!  It’s us against ourselves. And sometimes I think I’ve gotten so good at discouraging myself, telling myself why my dreams are impossible, shaming myself for anything and everything, that the enemy doesn’t even have to step in…I am shadow boxing.

Shadow Boxing ~ When a person punches in the air at nothing particular, preparing for a fight.

It is so important that we realize that our battle starts in the mind!

We must learn how to become our own best friend, our own encourager – learn to develop the habit of tracking our successes, moments when we were proud, our accomplishments.

Think about how much more good we could do if we are cheering ourselves on!  Like actually praising God, praising myself or praising my husband. Responding with energy and enthusiasm is incredibly productive.

If you think about someone getting criticized, what would their posture be like? Cowered, shamed…uncomfortable.

When we focus on everything we do wrong we only end up perpetuating that action, which is demotivating to say the least.

“If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

If there were no fear what would you love to do with this life? What kind of legacy would you leave? What mark would you make for the Kingdom of God?

2nd Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.”

Let’s get on our own side here. Why not?

~ Faith


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