~147 Questions~ By Leaona

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147 Questions By Leaona

I am a curious soul…I have lots of questions!

I don’t just take an answer and run with it every time either, I can turn things around in my mind for days. Sometimes that is good – searching out answers in an honest attempt to understand builds my brain, sparks endurance, and commitment. Sometimes it is not good – like I jump on the wheel next to the gerbil and just run. Going nowhere – just going.

You know the Asian guy in the movie “God’s Not Dead 2?” He went to the pastor with a list of 147 questions. That’s me. (If you decide to watch, then watch both movies in sequence, it will make it easier.) They weren’t “gerbil questions” though. They were solid, need-to-know stuff. And those questions sparked more, and then, because of his pursuit of answers, he was able to help someone else with their questions, and a call came on his life. So – he knew what he was to pursue using those answers, plus all the answers to all the questions he hadn’t asked yet.

Do you ever feel like a gerbil? The cool think about that little wheel is it only takes 1 step to get off, and a few odd-ball questions never really hurt.

Not asking questions means we’d talk to God a whole lot less often. Plus, He is not going to roll His eyes. He likes us. (P.S. there are LOTS of answers in scripture, but that will also spark questions.)

In the Bible, Jesus was always answering questions. Remember, God created ALL creatures – even gerbils. So ask your questions. Just remember to stop talking long enough for God to answer!

Holy Spirit enjoys the intimacy of your company, and your questions, even the hard ones!
Ask away! Leaona


2 thoughts on “~147 Questions~ By Leaona

    1. I appreciate that God is not shocked by our questions. When we ask questions, we are better able to commune with God. He isn’t a one-way talker. I’m so thankful He is open to hearing us. Even when we are wrong.


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