~Good Friends and Good Chocolate~ By Rheannon

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~Good Friends and Good Chocolate~ By Rheannon


Today I just feel crazy blessed.

I love being married to a trucker.  We are in Iowa, crossing the white glistening and gold touched rolling hills of this strong farm state.  It looks a lot like the farming states – clean, tight rows of cut crops poke out from beneath a sleepy layer of snow.  Its pretty.

Jeremy, my esteemed Hubby and I really enjoy being on the road together.  We have a great time.  One of our favorite things about being so mobile is that we can see friends literally all over the USA.  On this trip alone, we have been in Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Iowa, and ridden the I-80 and other highways across our great nation.

Iowa.  I’ve never stopped here before.  There’s always a first time for everything.

A beautiful couple we know just moved here from Montana.  They are good friends of ours.  Ryan and Carrie Bennett are young, in love with Jesus and each other and their little boy Greyson.  Ryan was the children’s pastor at our church in Montana until recently when they moved out to the Mid – West.  And guess what?  YEP!  We got to see them today!

They met us at a Pilot truck stop, and we all rode in their Chevy Equinox to a nearby Chipotle, which happened to be in a mall.  We each got our meals and sat down to chat and enjoy them.

Now, I have been craving chocolate for days.  No weeks.  No months.   I am on a restricted diet due to allergies, so its hard for me to ever find chocolate I can eat.  Its gatta be dairy free, soy free and gluten free.  Also, I can’t have almonds or corn…..

As we finished our lunch, I asked if this mall had a chocolate shop.  I figured it wouldn’t have anything I could eat, but it was worth the try.  To my joy, there was a chocolate shop in this place.  We made our way across the patterned carpeted nice looking mall to a store called Chocolaterie Stam.  My life will never be the same!  HA!

I walked in with my friends fully expecting to be denied my favorite thing AGAIN.  I took in the vanilla and cocoa smell with a smile and sighed, to the enjoyment of the manager, who walked past me with a little laugh.  “Do you have soy free chocolate here?”  I asked the girl behind the counter.  She smiles a sweet smile and to my surprise, she said yes.  I freaked.

Not only was the chocolate soy free, but they also had numerous gluten free and dairy free options as well- all in dark chocolate, which is my favorite.  I was blown away.  She showed me all the options that I had.  It was more than I would have ever thought.  The black goodness called to me from behind protective glass, and I felt like an old friend was calling my name.

I laughed and told her, “I think I’m gonna cry!” And then I did!  I felt a little silly, but you must understand that there are so many foods on my ‘no no’ list that sometimes I feel like I’m in food jail!

I bought some of each kind that I could eat.  Truffles, orange sticks, lemon sticks, fifty cent shaped dark chocolate pieces with peacock silhouettes pressed into them, pecan bark, dipped apricot and dark coated ginger pieces.  Even more.  I haven’t spent a happier $30 in a while!  Elated, I took a selfie with the girl that helped me and held my box of deliciousness like it was a priceless treasure.

My friends, instead of teasing me, rejoiced with me.  The boys got Gelato.  Carrie got chocolate.

Today just feels like the best day ever.  Good friends, and good chocolate.  Sometimes God just blesses us with simple stuff like that.  And, today, that is the point.  What a good God we serve.



Have a comment?  I’d love to hear from you.  Be Blessed!



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