~The Most Beautiful Thing~ By Rheannon

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~The Most Beautiful Thing~ By Rheannon

I live in Montana. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful mountains and lakes the country has to offer. Until today, I considered the Flathead Valley to be the home of the worlds finest beauty. Then I saw HWY 20, coming up from Mountain Home Idaho. Oh. My. Wow.

We climbed high atop the mountain road and found ourselves trucking on the edge of the sky. Everywhere I looked was blinding white and jagged mountain tops. The clouds in the distance clipped the top of the white capped giants and made them seem like flattened plateaus a mile high. 

Sweet sloping piles of mountain covered in thick white velvet stood in contrast to the straight valley and plains beneath them. I am in awe. I stand corrected. There is a beauty here that is unmatched by anything I have seen. The colors of the sunset stretched across the glistening hills painting a mosaic of unrivaled blushing pinks and purples and blues. Gold danced in the clouds as the sun took its last bow over the horizon. 


How reminded I am that this life is not all that there is. As beautiful as our world can be, there is a beauty greater still. 

Heaven is a place. A very real place with a real location. There are real streets and people and layers upon layers of precious stones shimmering and shining like a diamond held in the light – gold and diamonds and pearls and every good thing you can thing of. Utterly stunning in presence, fully overwhelming in glory. (Check out Revelation chapter 21 & 22.)

You would think it’s the most beautiful thing ever. 


Did you know that the City of God (Heaven’s city, called the New Jerusalem), has no need of sunshine or light? Why? Because God Himself is Heaven’s light! Think about that. The most illustrious and visually stunning city there ever was or will be is only so astounding because God is there! He lights the whole of the city with the luminescence of who He is!!

Revelation 21:23 explains, “The city does not need the sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.”

I’m so in love with Heaven. Not just because of it’s beauty, and the loved ones who have gone before me, but because of the main event – Jesus Christ. Unity with God for all of eternity!

I know I’m only 28. Most would say someone my age has years and years of life ahead of them. I would hope that is true. But I understand that at any moment, my life could end. It could be a car accident or a sudden illness. Whatever it is, I know I have a place in heaven when I die. Why? Because I have trusted my life to Jesus Christ, who is the ONLY way to Heaven. 

Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” 

Do you know for sure that you would be in Heaven today if your life was suddenly taken? I want to tell you that you can know for sure! Your “ticket” to heaven is not based on how good a person you are, or that you are an American or believe that there is a God or even that you go to church. Your way into Heaven is none other than Jesus Christ. 

Don’t leave your life in the hands of chance. Decide to place your hope in Jesus. Be there to see the greatest beauty of all. 



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