~Looking Back~ By Leaona

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“Looking Back” – By Leaona
Hope – a joyful, persevering expectation. It drives us forward from deep inside, even pulling us along at times, when our heart is heavy, but our faith knows we must take another step. When we are tired, when bad things happen, when people crush us, or life just disappoints.

Have you ever sat and watched clover revive after you step on it? Little by little, the tender leaves inhale deeply, then struggle against the black dirt that tries to hold them down. The stems flex and pull to retrieve their glistening little umbrellas. The leaves arch up, take another breath, then exhale a sigh of staunch refusal to be held in the dark place where they were pushed, and respond to the stem’s urging again and again until they feel the light of the sun strengthening their resolve. As they rise, they wave to one another in encouragement, and tip their little hats to the day once again, chanting and singing to each other as they rise together. Always, they are looking up – always. If they allowed themselves to embrace the darkness; they would become the darkness.

Looking back is like that. Even if you are moving in the right direction, if you keep looking back you are going to fall.

So, why did Lot’s wife just stand there and gape at catastrophe instead of moving toward the promise of a new life and freedom from oppression? What is this morbidity within us that dwells on things we never actually HAVE to relive again?

Sometimes I think I need blinders like they put on horses to keep them from distraction, but that would take away my choice to exercise my God-given faith in joy. Just like watching the clover takes patience and time, encouraging one another through heartache can take time. But watching a friend bounce back is a breathtaking experience. Just like feeling your own self overcoming the urge to dwell, to self-justify, or to “imagine” things differently.

I don’t want to be like Lot’s wife in Genesis 19:26 – I don’t want to invite destruction, refusing to take my eyes off what lay behind me. I want to be clover, and reach for the sun, even after someone or something has stomped me into the dirt. I want to remember what the angels told Lot and his family in Genesis 19:21 & 22, and remember God is planning good things for me; a place of refuge. If I do that I can keep looking forward, to see the amazing things God still has for me.

Indeed, we are His well loved children, no matter what dirt there is that might need brushing off.



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