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~Powerful Potential~ By Faith


I was in the store recently with my sister, who is visiting from out of town.

She ran into a friend who asked how she’d been. She proceeded to tell her what she had been up to the last few years, becoming an RN, moving to North Carolina and now in a residency program at Duke University as an OR Nurse!

Of course, the friend seemed overjoyed for her but I also noticed her eyes drop for one quick second, which can be a sign of a lack of confidence. When my sister asked her how she had been, she said she had been stuck at the same job for a while and hadn’t been up to much of anything new.

Walking away from this situation one could think two scenarios:

A. That this person would now feel bad about themselves and about what they had accomplished in their life. That not only should my sister possibly not have told her everything that she had been up to, but also maybe deep down feeling bad that she had, because it could make this other person feel bad about circumstances . This thought/scenario comes from the enemy.


B. That this person could feel inspired! ¬†They could feel hopeful! They would realize it’s never too late to do what they want to do with their life. This thought and scenario comes from God.

Check out these inspirational quotes from Marianne Williamson and scripture-

Not only do we inspire others when we let our own light shine, but when we succeed with our God-given gifts we can be generous with our wealth.

If you think about it, it is crazy to think that we would hold back our potential for fear of making someone else feel bad. What if all of the incredible inventors had not invented what they did so as to not shine or draw attention to themselves in their lifetime?

Another thought that really helped me was hearing from my Pastor Levi Lusko – “when we have a big piece of the pie it does not take away from other people’s’ piece of the pie.”

We have no idea who is watching that could be inspired or that we could give permission to have courage and go after their heart’s desires!

It is my duty to honor God with the gifts that he’s given me.

Let us spur each other along! Let us live our best life.

~Faith Corpron

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