~Glimpses~ By Leaona

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~Glimpses~ By Leaona

I have a great pastor! Not perfect, but certainly inspiring. Sunday, when she got done preaching, I was fully convinced of my own sin, and awakened even to sin I had not recognized in my life (like I needed more:) ). But I was also fully secured in the blood of Jesus Christ as enough to save my repentant soul. Yes, even my soul! I love her preaching.

Saving me is no small feat. I’m old enough to have missed the mark too many times to count. It can be discouraging. But it also brings to life a deep sense of gratefulness and awe at the incredible, time-ignoring, light-infused, zealous love God has for me.

Like when my daughter just smiles at me with eyes full of sparkling joy at getting to look at me, or when my 6’7” son walks up and gives me a big ol’ bear hug! Those are glimpses. Remembering the time my Dad caught me before I fell off the balcony. Or the time my Mom pulled me out of the lake. Or the time I was physically healed when my church prayed for me, at the very moment of prayer. Spring’s flowers, sunshine, warm wind after a long winter. Glimpses.

Israel fell away from God as a people because they forgot. They forgot how much they needed God, and they forgot how many wonderful things God had already done for them. They didn’t treasure the glimpses they were given into the Love of God.

Two big reasons for this: parents did not remind their children what God had done for them, and leaders did not remind their people what God had done for them. So, the people refused to see, and the leaders refused to remind.

In the book of Judges we see, over and over again, what ignoring God’s Glory, or refusing to remind people of His Holiness, brings about. It seems forgetfulness leads us into turmoil, and turmoil leads us back to God (if we’re smart). But when their leaders reminded, and the people remembered, their lives were much more peaceful, and victorious.

Better to remind, and to listen. Better to treasure the glimpses.



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