~”THE LEDGE”~ By Rheannon

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~”THE LEDGE”~ By Rheannon

The Ledge

He once told me there would be a ledge-
An edge that I would come upon.
It would be my choice from that point on
Weather I jumped, or turned from.


A cutting edge that would seem like a knife-
That I could fall upon,
Bleed and crash, cut and smash
All that I had been building on.


“But,” he said, “it’s up to you-
To fall or to use the edge you have found.
If you chose to use it, and use it well,
It could be your crown.
Where some will only see the ledge,
You will see the cutting edge,
Upon which, you will build renown.”


“Those who see may grimace at first,
But you need pay them no mind.
For the blade in your hand is a gift,
Not of man, but from God, Divine.”


So it was, his words came true
As time had faded by.
I found the ledge, the cutting edge,
Given by God, Divine.


I took it in my hand and admired what it could do.
The fool in me wanted to see if it’s sharpness was true.
I ran a finger across the tip and it laid me open wide,
“Aha,” I said, never doing it again, but it’s danger
I recognized.


I placed it in the cinch of my belt,
I now use it all the time.
It took a while to hone the skill,
But I have learned to be wise.


A gift from God is a powerful thing,
It can wreck you or make you whole.
What you do with the edge He gives you can
Make all the difference in the world or in a soul.


~Rheannon MacFarland

What is your gift? What has God given you? Your edge – Are you a Parent? A Teacher? A Nurse? Whatever it is, you have the opportunity to use the gift as a God Given weapon with which to affect change in your world.

There are people everywhere who really need what you have. God designed you with a purpose. You are His ambassador to this world we are living in. Use your gift, your place of influence, to share Him with others. You may have a great destiny and calling from God, but unless you pick it up, learn to use it, and use it correctly, it can be completely useless.

Now, you can fall on it and dash yourself to pieces. The temptation is always there to take what God has given us and use it for our own gain. Our own advantage. Gifts used this way are a sure-fire way to destroy ourselves. A torch is meant to be held out to give light to your path. If you hold the torch to your chest, you will be burned.

Jesus said,

“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come may see the light.”

Don’t be afraid. You are a walking gift. A hope. An edge that God wants to use to slice through darkness and bring light.

What will you do with it? Learn to use it, or fall on it?


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