~You Never Know~ By Rheannon

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~You Never Know~ By Rheannon

A new friend told me a story recently. It was the full story of the last five years of her life. What a hard time. She’s a strong woman. 

You never know where God will use you. You never know who God would have you encourage or pray for or cry with or laugh with. 

People are everywhere. All around us. Sometimes I find myself too busy to notice. How I hate that! I love when my eyes and ears are open to those around me. 

You don’t have to be a preacher to share God’s word. You don’t have to be a theologian to share God’s love. You don’t have to walk on water to lead people to the One who did. 

My short encouragement to us tonight is to be present in our day to day interactions with others. Tonight, yay God, I felt the heart of Jesus for someone and acted on it. Now it’s up to Him. 

It’s the chance we all have every moment of every day. Go ahead. Love people. 

A person at a time changes the world. 



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