~Trusting the Process~By Faith

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~Trusting the Process~ By Faith

I was doing a conference call with my team last night and mentioned the phrase, “trust the process.” Like many other phrases, if this was said to you in a time of distress, you might respond with “I know, I know…” then internally roll your eyes.

With phrases like this it is important to step back and think about the actual words that are being said, what they mean, and then think about how you can implement them in your life.

Let’s break the sentence down.  The Greek root of the word “trust” is “to be careless.”  This might feel impossible but its true. I might ask myself, what would it feel like to be carefree in this situation? You remember the term “Child Like Faith?”  I think that’s what it looks like. Pure joy, no matter the circumstances.

Of course, we still take the necessary action, but we get to trust that the results are up to God. 

I might also ask what the process is. If I know that when I sow seeds, I will reap a harvest, then I know that if I can focus all of my energy on doing what only I can do, then God will do what only He can do. 

What if you really surrendered the results, put all of your heart and soul into the things that you can actually control, and enjoyed your days even if you weren’t seeing what you wanted to see?

If you’re tempted to fear forward, try to figure things out, or worry, the most helpful thing I found is to bring myself to the present moment and evaluate my situation. Such as asking questions like, “Do I have air to breathe, food to eat, a roof over my head? Then all is well right now, I don’t need all the answers.”  

Really, all we have grace for is right now. Not tomorrow, not 6 months from now.

I once heard a National sales director in Mary Kay say, “Do the work, have faith that you will get there and the “how” will work itself out. I feel like if I’m really able to focus on the work and have faith then I will have a lot more energy to enjoy my life! After all, it’s happening right now.



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