~Not Gluten Free~ By Rheannon

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~Not Gluten Free~ By Rheannon

Jeremy and I have been on the road traveling now for a month. What a grand adventure! The sights, sounds and smells of new places floods my senses every day. It’s pretty incredible. We’ve met with friends in multiple states, visited family, been in sunny and 75 or storms with wind so strong it pushed me into a vehicle I was standing next to.

The constant challenge when we are on the road is finding food I can eat. Food allergies. Gatta love those right? No gluten, soy, corn, eggs and limited dairy consumption really digs into what a girl can eat! Can’t I just get a piece of cheesecake, Lord?!

-side note….I fully believe there will be huckleberry/cherry cheesecake for me in heaven!-

Reading the books of Matthew and Mark back to back in the last week or so has been really interesting to me. We see Jesus from two angles in these two books-much like two best friends telling the same story, each through their perspective.

One might say that Matthew is more focused on the specific details of what is happening physically to Jesus and the disciples whilst Mark focuses more on the spiritual realm, with details of what Jesus is thinking and feeling about those things . Both perspectives are necessary to see the full picture, and I still have to get to Luke and John!

Now-picture this. There’s five thousand men standing around Jesus and the disciples to hear Jesus speak. Most of those men are probably married. Most of those couples probably have children. So if we put it on a modest scale, let’s say there’s ten or twelve thousand people outside learning from Jesus.

That’s a lot of people. Guess what? They’re hungry.

My husband teases me about always being hungry. I’m like the never ending pit of doom for food. Seriously. I eat all day. I have to in order to keep from getting headaches. The food I can eat isn’t packed with enough calories, generally, so I eat often. And a lot of it is avacado oil and butter and coconut oil to stay up on healthy fats. And that’s just little ol me!!! Can you imagine if there was ten thousand of me?! Ruuuuunnnn!!!!

The disciples tell Jesus to go ahead and dismiss the crowd for the night so they can go buy something to eat. You’ve been there right? At a conference watching the clock waiting for the dinner bell? 

Jesus’s reaction killed the disciples. He said, “You give them something to eat.” They freaked-“Ha! Yeah right, Lord! That would take a years wages!” (I’m paraphrasing…but that had to be the feel!)

Here’s what I love about this. Jesus then asks what they do have to give. And it’s not much. Five loaves and two fish. But what good would that do to feed thousands, right?

Wrong. The God factor kicks in. Jesus takes the loaves and fish, blesses them and gives them to the disciples to hand out to the hungry crowd. Not only did they hand out enough to feed everyone, there was some left over after! 

Massive God sized miracle! 

Jesus declared of Himself, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35

Jesus Himself is the real life giving bread. I’ve heard it said that bread is the staple of life-how true that is when we think in spiritual terms! Jesus alone gives life in aboundance, even everlasting life! But Jesus only. No substitutes. 

Jesus asks us the same question He asked His buddies that day- “What do you have?” God can take our little loaves and fishes and multiply it. He can make our talents and our gifts and our money do amazing things. Because He is amazing! When we are willing to give God what we have-our hearts and our lives-He can do great things. 

Jesus isn’t a substitute or just a good person or teacher. He is God. And He has a purpose for your life, if you want it!


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