~The Climb~ By Marty

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~The Climb~ By Marty
My first blog for this site! So exciting!…where do I even begin? I’m in Canada at the moment, sitting in front of my sisters computer typing this..there is so much on my heart! For those of you who know me and my story, we are most likely Facebook friends, and you are already familiar with the content of my posts. I am passionate about Jesus! My life with Him, what He has done for me, and what I believe He is able to do for you!! In a nutshell..(and I’m talking a tiny nutshell here) several years ago… through a series of heartbreaking and devastating circumstances, my life and my world as I knew it imploded. What was left resembled the aftermath of an intense earthquake destroying anything and everything that was once familiar to me. I was left asking myself those questions we all face sooner or later….

Who am I?…Why did this happen?….Whats wrong with me?…..How will I ever get up again?……What will my life look like now?……and God….I know you see me….I need you….and I’m so afraid that I won’t find you…that I will be left ALONE in this mess…….so many questions…so much confusion….

I’m on the other side of that horrific season now ….and I’m still learning so much! But I’m here to encourage you and share with you from my own life the HOPE and HEALING that is available for each one of us!

I want to share with you something I wrote a few years ago…lets call it Journal Entry #1…
“The Climb…”

The steady upward climb has left me weary, and gasping for breath…but I am finally, and completely out of “that’ pit!…that familiar place that had been my captive home for far too long. I look down at my bare feet….I remember having to shake the dirt out of my shoes and climb with bare feet using my toes to grip the wall and steady myself.

Dirt stained cut up feet…but I’m out!!
Dirt stained cut up hands…but now lifted high in praise! I’m no longer restrained!!
I’ve become awkwardly aware of my face…I must look like such a mess!…..my tears have mixed with the sweat and dirt from this grueling climb…I long to wash it off…to be ENTIRELY clean…presentable…but I cannot miss a single thing now that I’m out! The brightness of the sunlight burns my eyes…I need to stand here and just bask in it!
I’m hungry, and tired but I cannot bring myself to move away from the comfort and warmth of this place…someone is calling to me…I hear my name!
Who would want to see me like this?! Could it be..? Is it you Jesus?….please not yet…I’m still so messy…I haven’t had time to clean myself up for You! I hear my name called again! I don’t want You to see me like this!….but You’re already coming towards me…I lift my eyes to look at You and You take hold of my hand and lead me to a table…a beautifully decorated spread just for me! The finest of food and drink! …I am in absolute awe..


Every detail is perfect….designed with me in mind.

Oh my Lord! I am not used to such treatment! This is meant for royalty! Who else is coming to sit at this table?
…even before my rambling thoughts are finished, I know the answer…there are only two chairs here…mine and His…filthy and overwhelmed…I slowly approach…and with each step I take I am becoming clean..
“Come daughter of mine….it’s TIME for you to LIVE IN MY GOODNESS…I have EAGERLY awaited your arrival, and now i want to LAVISH on you…..sit…enjoy!”

Tears of gratitude are running down my face…I’m not dreaming this!…I’m not just longing for this moment anymore..
I am HERE!…WITH HIM!!!….this is my place of celebration! A place where a new song is born…one my soul sings with everything I am!

-Ps 40:1-3 ( I will let you look this one up)  🙂
My dear sweet sister….I want to remind you how amazing you are!..You are a daughter of the living God..His love for you is unconditional and limitless! You are so valuable to Him that He paid an extremely high price to ensure that He could have you with Him for all eternity..before you loved Him He loved you…you are the apple of His eye…He has carved your name on the palms of His hands. He is so committed to you that He has promised NEVER to leave you, NEVER to forsake you. He has gifted you with beauty, personality, talents and abilities that He wanted you to have for your enjoyment and for His honor. He imparted His spirit within you so you can be united with Him! He is your bridegroom and is faithful to you, and knows how to comfort you in your grief…

Isaiah 54:5-6,10… “For your Creator will be your husband; the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is His name! He is your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, the God of all the earth. For the LORD has called you back from your grief—as though you were a young wife abandoned by her husband,’ says your God.. For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then my faithful love for you will remain. My covenant of blessing will never be broken,” says the Lord who has mercy on you.’” (NLT)

You have so much to offer to a hopeless world, and you bring so much joy and pleasure to God’s heart. Whatever you are going through…my prayer is that you will encounter Him in your darkest moments. You will get through this! You will come out to the other side! I believe this, and pray for you!

Much much love….



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