~Who? Me? Afraid? By Belinda

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~Who? Me? Afraid?
~ By Belinda

Yesterday evening, while teaching piano lessons, I heard a familiar excuse coming out of the
mouth of an eight year old, “But I’m afraid I’ll hit the wrong note!” I have four children of my own. I hear the
word AFRAID all the time. Children are naturally afraid – afraid of the dark, the boogey-man, bugs,
doctors and many, many other things that we adults think are silly. Childhood fears are normal and
sometimes keeps kids from doing things that might harm them.

What I find interesting and almost ridiculous, is the fear that I see in many Christian adults. Fear
in the Christian’s life is sin… plain and simple. 

Romans 8:15 says, “You did not receive the spirit of
bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, Abba Father.” Any
emotion or attitude that disintegrates the human personality so that we miss the mark is a sin. 

At it’s
simplest level, fear may cause us to stand back or think twice about something; or on a more
sophisticated level, fear may cause terrible depression. Fear destroys coordination, riddles personality,
blocks logical thinking, and makes solving problems almost impossible!

When we worry, fret or fear, we are really saying, “I don’t believe you God. I don’t think you can
help me. I don’t really trust you like I say I do.” We are impugning His character and calling Him a liar.
Now, I hear you…you’re saying, “That’s harsh Belinda.” I know it! I deal with this sin every day! See, I don’t write about things that don’t effect me in some way. I’m preaching to myself!

II Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and
a SOUND mind.” 

So God doesn’t give us fear…then who does? I’ll give you one good guess. Yep, the
enemy is the author of confusion and fear. It is his greatest weapon! He will stop at nothing to bring you
down and to keep you from being a prosperous, happy child of God! But take heart, God promises us that
if we will allow the Holy Spirit to indwell us and we forsake the sin of fear, then He will give us
supernatural strength and power to deal with our afflictions.

So how do we get rid of fear? Well, just ask! We must confess fear in true repentance, claim
God’s promise of forgiveness…and get on with life. Check out my single, “I Will Not Fear.” It is based on
Psalm 23. 

“I will not fear, I will not faint, death is a shadow, not reality for a saint. You are always with me,
comforting and cleansing, anointing me with Your eternal grace. I will not fear, I will not faint.”

– Belinda

Belinda Jane is a musicianary, writer, speaker, teacher, coach and all around renaissance woman, who
tackles life creatively, wanders down a road less traveled, and leaps beyond the ordinary to share the
love of Christ with others. Find more about Belinda Jane, her music and ministry at



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