~I’m Almost 30…~ By Rheannon

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~I’m almost 30…” By Rheannon

Well, here I am staring the age of 29 in the face. Tomorrow is my birthday. This feels like a big one for me! Maybe it’s because 30 is right around the corner, or perhaps it is the expectations I have for this year. Either way, it feels strange to be almost 30, like, “When did I get old enough to be 29?!”
I can see you rolling your eyes right now, as many of my friends have at my shocked state of mind concerning my upcoming birthday. What year was it for you? I had a total melt down when I turned 26…I realized I wasn’t under 25 anymore. HA! Maybe for you it was 20, or 30, or 35 or 55. We all have that moment…
As I look back on this last year, I find myself extremely thankful for all that it has held. Despite some of its sad moments and hurtful times, this was a strong year for me. A year filled with God stories and promises fulfilled. A year of hard work and determination, and learning the hard lessons about how to succeed in business – which meant that sometimes I failed. God was with me every step of the way, and never left my side when things got painful or complicated. He was with me all the more…even when I found myself pouting…
There are things I want to do better this year- almost like a New Years resolution.
But, what are God’s dreams for me this year?
I love how God is no respecter of persons. He chooses whom he chooses, and there is no elite club with Him. Everyone has a task that has been given them by God. You have such a task. In fact, you are the only one who has been assigned the specific task that you have been entrusted with! Amazing! God strategically placed all the peoples in the world who are your ancestors to come along the framework of history to produce you for just this moment. Right here, right now. You are meant to be here. Positively no accident.
Over the next few days, take time to pray and press into God for what your task is. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing, though it could be. It may be that God wants to use you more powerfully in your work place, as a mom, as a wife, as a friend, as a minister, as a family member. Perhaps He is asking you to give to help someone in need. Maybe it’s a missions trip. Whatever it is, dream WITH God! There are chances for us to impact our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day, and I don’t want us to miss them. This could be the year that someone comes to know the love of God for them because of you!
Dream with God this year. Find out what His goals are for you, and go after them with all your heart. Don’t put yourself or God in a box of excuses, but be bold and do what He asks. I hope and pray that we all do! Pray for each other, encourage one another. We all need it!
Go be Powerful Women of God!


Psalm 138:8
“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stout hearted.”

2 thoughts on “~I’m Almost 30…~ By Rheannon

  1. You are so funny. It is interesting that the older we get, the less of an age gap there seems to be between us. You seemed like you were so much younger than me for a long time.
    In my twenties, I thought 30 was this big scary number to dread reaching in childbearing years. I just “HAD” to be done having children by 30years old. Well that came and went and I realized that my expectations had changed. My heart was ready to welcome as many children as God blessed us with. I think I had my Ah-Ha moment around 32 or 33 and stopped looking at my life as a number. It was time to live everyday as a blessing and take all the Father has to offer.
    Happy Happy Blessed Birthday my gorgeous sister. I love you… (even though you are getting old. 😛 )

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    1. Crystal, you are simply the best and have so much wisdom to offer just in these few lines!!! What an inspiration you are! I love you forever. And true-o have no idea how many years are between us. To me we are the same! ❤❤❤


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