~Fearless in Famine~ By Marty

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~Fearless in Famine~ By Marty

I’m excited to share with you what’s been stirring in my heart! Preparing for this blog has felt a little bit like a ping-pong game… going back and forth between two very different topics that have captured my thoughts. On our drive back home to Montana, it became clear which direction I needed to go, so lets just dive in shall we? I’ve entitled this


Have you ever had one of “those” days….and I’m talking about those looooong days…seasons actually, where nothing seems to make any practical sense at all.
We make lists weighing out the pros and cons of our present situation, and desperate to know what our next step should be we often fall prey to our “own understanding,” and are quick to turn to friends, peers, husband, wife, co-worker or relative for counsel and advice….BUT GOD…. He sees the beginning and the end with one glance, and His blueprint for our lives is well worth pursuing!
Lets take a look at a story in Genesis 26

A severe famine had struck the land of Canaan, and Isaac, much like his father Abraham, was making plans to leave that place and head to Egypt where they could survive and prosper. The Lord appears to Isaac and tells him not to go to Egypt but to STAY in the land (Canaan)…the land that He had promised them, and that He would bless them. In other words… ” I know there is no food or water here Isaac… (and without that it appears you will surely die……) but I want you to stay here anyway….If you do…..I will be with you, and I will bless you!” Another example of this would be to invest what’s left of your earnings into stocks during the Great depression trusting that your investment will triple!!

Isaac had some choices to make:

….He could dismiss the direction he believed he had received from the Lord and head to Egypt where he knew there was an abundance of provision…

….He could second guess himself and question at length if the direction he had been given was really from God…did he hear correctly? Would God actually tell him to stay in a place where the main means of survival were nonexistent? Would God really be asking that of him?! or…

….He could trust that he had indeed heard from God, and to stay in that famine struck land would mean believing that in the face of his fears God would take care of him.

Isaac chose to stay, and did something most of us wouldn’t think of doing during a time …he planted crops!!!!!!! Isaac followed the plan he was given and as a result of his obedience Isaac harvested a hundred times more grain than he had planted! Why? ….verse 12…BECAUSE THE LORD BLESSED HIM.

Its miraculous that Isaac’s crops produced a tremendous harvest when the ground was parched and famine wreaked havoc on the land. The thought that his crops had to be irrigated in order to grow and multiply is a study in itself of God’s divine wisdom and guidance. …..(irrigation from well water? Gen 26 mentions several occurrences concerning Isaac digging wells.)

Here is the point I want to bring home-


It’s not by a formula that we are able to prosper in a setting of drought and famine. Hearing and listening to God’s voice and finding out what His plan is, and then flowing with that plan is where His blessings are experienced! Basically, Isaac had to set his mind on believing that what God has promised, that which He was well able to perform. (Romans 4:21)

God promised Isaac that IF he would stay in Canaan, during a severe famine, that God would bless him there! Isaac was doing his part….he obeyed and stayed, turning his heart toward God in worship and trusting that He would make good on his promise. This put the responsibility of the outcome squarely back on God.

Whatever it is you are facing…..its vital that you MAKE TIME to be in His presence and to find out what He wants you to do and do that!…when His blueprint becomes clear, then its up to us to act on it! God didn’t plant Isaac’s crops for him, that was Isaac’s responsibility. How I love the two way communication I see in this story! God gave instruction, Isaac listened and acted on it. This type of communication requires RELATIONSHIP, NOT FORMULA! and is accessible to all of us.

In closing, when the season you’re in feels hot and dry, may you turn your heart towards Christ…the author and finisher of your faith. May your focus become clear and sharp as you spend time in his presence ….knowing that He is well able to perform all that concerns you and uphold His promise to you!

FEARLESS IN FAMINE? YES!!!! with HIM alone this is possible!! His plans for us always exceed our own and reach far beyond what we can only imagine!




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