~”Camia” – A Tale of Distraction ~ By Rheannon

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~“Camia” – a Tale of Distraction~ By Rheannon

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Camia. She was fair and kind and gave of herself to her people. She believed that the most important thing she could do for others was care. Day after day, she would go into the market and listen to the people there.
“I have no more leather with which to make soles,” the cobbler said. “The man who brings it to me has not returned for many days. Alas! Without him, I am lost!”
The princess thought long and hard, and she began to search for the man who sells leather to the cobbler in her fair kingdom. “Without the leather man,” she thought, “what will become of my kingdom? Without him, no one shall have new or repaired shoes. Soon, all will be treading upon the rocks with not but their skin!”
Day after day she looked for the leather man, but found him not. Deciding to spread her search farther than her own fair city, the brave princess ventured deep into the darkness of the surrounding wood. For it was there that the leather man was said to abide- perhaps he had fallen upon misfortune and needed aid!
She took with her one great friend, Thomas, the strongest of the guard, who knew the trails of the woods.
“We must not,” Thomas said, “under any circumstances be separated, my princess. The woods are deceptive and dark indeed, though they may seem to welcome. Stick near to my side. I will keep you safe.”
Thomas and Camia searched together for the man who sold leather. One day after another brought the two farther and farther into the wood, but closer and closer to the leather man’s house. Surely they would find him soon. Camia was determined to learn what had happened to him, and restore his leather trade back to the cobbler of her kingdom.
Early in the morning on the fourth day of their search, Camia awoke. Thomas lay near her, hand on sword, sleeping. Not wanting to wake her faithful companion, she tip toed up to the top of the nearby hill to watch the sun rise. Thomas would surely see her for, “I am only a stones throw away,” she thought.
Camia’s eyes searched the horizon as the sun shot hot rays of golden glory across the sky. It was stunning. The warm glittering light bathed the landscape everywhere she looked. Trees seemed to come to life and birds began to chirp. “How beautiful…” she sighed.
A voice soft and sweet sang from a nearby log snare, catching Camia’s attention. It was an old woman singing a beautiful and haunting song. Camia rose, and, being seen by the old woman, followed her wave to come closer.
Thoma’s warning flickered in Camia’s mind. Surely, he could not mean this sweet woman was a threat, or the beauty of this small field in the woods held deceptive power. She drew nearer the singing woman. Birds and painted winged butterflies caught her gaze and drew her on. The old woman’s song seemed a trance to her. She lost track of time. She lost track of how far she had walked, never nearer to the woman singing.
Suddenly, the ground beneath her became rough and rugged and her fine dress caught on the fallen tree branches, ripping and pulling at her. She looked around her, immediately aware that she was no longer in the beautiful field with warm and welcoming sun. The singing woman was nowhere to be found. The birds were not singing and there were no more pretty painted wings anywhere. She found herself tangled in a log snag, far far from where she had come…
“Thomas!!!” She cried. “Thomas!!!” But could he even hear her? Where was she? How had a peaceful walk turned into this? Where was that woman who charmed her with singing?
Thomas. The thought of him waking to find her missing was nauseating to Camia. “If only I had listened to him!” She screamed. How would she find her way back now?


Distractions. They are everywhere. Tiny little things that take us off our main mission, even ever so slightly. Those, in fact, are the worst kind. Small distractions. Big distractions are easy to see coming, and so much easier for us to avoid than small ones.

Camia may have been able to see that she was walking into danger if she had not been lost in painted butterfly wings and the chirping of birds drawing her into an unknown world. Indeed, the woman singing could be considered a great distraction, worth avoiding, but, just like Camia, once we have taken a step out of the plan and protection of God, it becomes easier to take the next one and the next!

When Jesus sent out the 72, in groups of two, He told them something so crutial- “Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. Do not take a purse or bag or sandals; and do not greet anyone on the road.” (Luke 10:3-4 NIV)

Why would Jesus send them out and tell them not to talk to people along the road???
I asked this question to a wise and knowledgeable friend of mine this week. A man who has been a pastor for years and years…Distraction…he said.

So often, we are like Camia. We get distracted from our mission while we are on the road to its completion. Little things pull us and ever so softly remove us from our goal.

What are your distractions? What is causing you to stop along the road? A quick text here and a Facebook message there, and – its time to go to work, and I have missed my Bible time in the morning. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

Think about what you can do to eliminate some of the distractions that are pulling you from the cause of God in your life. Think of the big ones, but be on special alert for the small ones. Can you avoid them and avoid the snare that caught Camia?
Can she be saved?


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