~Why am I here?~ By Belinda

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~Why am I here?~ By Belinda

Sometimes I ask…”why am I here?” I know I get bogged down in the daily struggles and feel many times that I’m not accomplishing enough. Last week, God taught me a lesson.

The week was long and trying. Between home, work and my ministry, I felt as if nothing was getting done. Friday morning came much too quickly. I drove the kids to school, looking over my “to do” list with a bad attitude. After dropping them off, I decided that I needed coffee…so I hurried over to Starbucks. The drive through line was enormous and so, impatiently, I drove on towards downtown Savannah. There’s another store close to where I work. There’s no drive through but luckily, there was a parking spot right in front. I hopped out and headed into the store, when I heard this voice call to me, “Hey lady!” I wheeled around and saw an old man, sitting in a wheelchair on the sidewalk. I’ve seen him many times before, but never had he called to me. I walked over and he made his proposition… “Are you going into Starbucks? I’ve got a little money, would you get me an orange juice and a piece of lemon cake?” The minute he asked, the Spirit reminded me… “If you love me…” So I told the man that I’d bring it right out.

I must have stood in line for 20 minutes, but as I was waiting, this time patiently, the Lord kept reminding me… “I put you here. I needed you to do this for ME. There is a greater purpose – serve ME by serving others.” My heart burned to get back outside to the old man…to show God’s love and speak His words. I hurried back with the orange juice and cake, only to find the old fella sleeping. I touched him on the shoulder and he slowly looked up to me. “I am back sir…may I ask you a question?  If you had died just then while you were sleeping, where would you have gone?”  He hesitated for a minute as if he couldn’t believe I was asking this question; then he smiled and said, “Well, to heaven of course!” I continued, “OH? And how to do know that for sure?”  His face lit up and he replied, “Because I asked Jesus into my heart to save me.” Tears filled my eyes as the fullness filled my heart.  I handed him the orange juice and the cake.  I told him that it was a gift and to keep his money.  I told him that Jesus loved him and so did I…

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25


Belinda Jane is a musicianary, writer, speaker, teacher, coach and all around renaissance woman, who tackles life creatively, wanders down a road less traveled, and leaps beyond the ordinary to share the love of Christ with others.  Find more about Belinda Jane, her music ,and ministry at http://www.belindajanemusic.com


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