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~Habits~ By Faith

I remember exactly where my husband and I were a few years ago when an epiphany about habits hit me…
I realized that everything I wanted in life came down to daily consistency. If I wanted a close relationship with God it would require me carving out the time to be still and listen to him and dive into his word –
If I wanted a fit and healthy body it would be a minimum of 30 min of movement daily and healthy eating choices –
If I wanted success in my Mary Kay business it came down to about 30 min daily of a couple of activities that were instrumental in building my business –
If I wanted financial freedom I would need to track my income and be intentional with it, daily!

A sense of freedom came over me. If I was willing to make that 30 min in each category a priority in my day not only was success possible, it was guaranteed.

An incredible thing happens in the brain when you have a small daily win – your brain feels like you are on target for your goal and that success is likely.  You actually begin to create Power Packed Habits!  Ones that can lead you where you want to go! The opposite is also true. If we go a few days without a win our brain feels like we are off-target and behind.
God designed us to meditate on whatever is pure, noble and lovely and to take action from that place.

My Mary Kay recruiter Susan, always said “discipline equals freedom.” Our flesh tells us the opposite. It tells us we deserve to “indulge”. To put off the best choice until tomorrow, to do what we feel like doing.

It’s a very small percentage of the world that makes daily choices to create the future that they want. One can look at the statistics and think, “if only 2% of the world is doing it then it’s probably not very possible for me!” I look at that statistic and get excited to learn what that top 2% of the world is doing and join them!

As a woman I tend to make success a very emotional thing and tell myself why it’s not possible for me. This thought process takes the driving positive emotion out of it, leaving me thinking negative unproductive thoughts about myself and my goals. If I am willing to show up for a fraction of my day devoted to taking the action to create the things that I want, there’s no reason why it won’t come to pass.

Be Powerfully Motivated today to move forward in your goals! Don’t let the enemy pull you backwards with negative “you can’t do it” lies. Remember,

“…brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8 NIV



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