~By My Side~ By Faith

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~By My Side~ By Faith

While enjoying my time with God on a gorgeous summer morning last week, I had an incredible revelation about His presence.

The thought of Him always being with me became so relevant after watching the movie “The Shack”.

Still though, it takes practice and a lot of intention to keep that in mind throughout my day.

When I realized how utterly safe and secure I felt in that moment last week, thinking of Him being right there with me, I realized why the unknowns about the future seem so daunting at times…

When I ‘fear forward’ about my business, finances, family, etc., I haven’t been picturing Him with me through it all.

He is faithful to lead me right now, this day, one decision at a time. This will stand true for the future, too!  It seems so obvious, but when I pictured any of those things with Him right by my side, I felt a huge wave of relief.

The God who created the universe, who loves me and cares about every detail, is ready and waiting to guide me in each and every area of my life, without fail.

I don’t have to fear how I will handle something bigger down the road because He will be with me, guiding me even then, step by step.  And I can see Him working in others’ lives too!

Because I know that God is someone who constantly takes other people’s issues on, with the SOLUTION already in mind, I am extremely comforted knowing that He is with me as well.

Psalm 16:11

“You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forever more.”

Fullness of joy, rest in Him and His loving presence. What a true gift.

By resting in Him, as I show up all day for my business, as a wife, daughter, friend, leader, I can truly enjoy my days, and have the focus be His Kingdom.




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