~Traveling Wonder~By Rheannon

Here I am visiting family in England – beautiful, green, historically stunning England, seeing such wonders I don’t know where to begin. 

Yesterday we were in Bury St. Edmunds enjoying the vibe of ancient ruins and mysterious towering aged brick walls hiding and exposing the secrets of world war and independence. What a sight. 

The Abby there was really something. It boasted ruins and rebuilt glory older than our fair country. It’s an odd feeling standing  in a construction that is, its fact, older than our nation. How surreal. 

We saw the sights, drank coffee, ate excellent food, got rained on and simply had a blast!  What an adventure!

One of the things that shocks me most about this place called England is a new anomaly recently added to our family…Owen. He is my new World Wonder. We traveled half way around the world to meet him! All of one month old and ten pounds, this little man is stealing our hearts away. I mean, look at him!

I have definite bragging rights as his new Auntie. And no shame. He is my new little love. 

The wonder comes in when I consider his parents – two people devoted to loving and caring for this little man no matter what. Let’s face it, babies are amazing and precious and perfect and lovely, but they also cry. And poop and puke and cry. And cry! 

Dealing with this phase of his life day in and day out has got to be, and is, exhausting. Parents really are amazing. No matter what this little guy throws their way, they are there to watch out for him! 

What an amazing picture of who God is. If we are being real here, we are just like babies. We have issues and we whine and we complain and we cry and we need love and snuggles. All the time! We also need confirmation that He is always there with us. How incredible!

I’ve never spent this much time with a newborn before. It really takes some work from all of us! It’s just so good though to be here doing it. Gives me a whole new perspective and gratitude for parents! You people are amazing!!!

My utmost respect tonight goes out to the Lord for being our Heavenly Father. That’s a lot of work, and I’m thankful that He is always willing to do it. Also, to moms and dads. I know you aren’t perfect, but for those of you who are trying your darndest, my hat goes off to you!



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