~Allergy Season~ By Rheannon

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~Allergy Season~ By Rheannon


Well, allergy season has caught up with me again this year. I sit here in silence, nursing a glass scratched throat, thinking about multitasking.

There are a million things that I could have done today. So many more that I probably could’ve accomplished! But, I am also trying to heal my body because I have two rehearsals, two shows, a wedding to perform at, and Lion King the Children’s Musical to do vocal coaching at…this week! I certainly don’t have the time to be feeling sick!

I don’t know why the timing of this thing had to hit the way it did – but- I’m sure that I needed a little rest. Maybe my body knows that too, so the best way to set me down on the couch for a while is to put my voice on hold!

Every once in a while I think it’s a good thing to sit oneself down and think about the importance of rest. Unfortunately for me, half the time I spend thinking about it is when my body has given me a forced rest, as is the case today. However, I do find myself thankful for it.

God actually designed rest. Which, to a person like me, who is used to going 24/7, the concept does at times seem quite foreign. My friend Sarah is always reminding me to take a breather. “You need a day to just chill,” she tells me. And how right she is.

God even took a day off. The Supreme Ruler of all the world took a day off after He spent 6 days creating all that we see and know as the Earth and heavens. I don’t think it was because He was tired- God is indefatigable. I think it was so He could sit back and enjoy the “good” that He had just finished creating. It was almost like reflection time – time to smell the flowers!

The word “rest” in Genesis chapter 2:2 can have a couple of meanings. It means to “desist from exertion,” to be “still” or to “celebrate”!  Celebrate?! Absolutely! Genesis records God seeing that everything He had made was good just verses before 2:2, in 1:31. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Tonight, if you are just needing a break, or a reminder to sit back, look at all God has done in your life, and celebrate, take a few minutes and just rest. Breathe in, breathe out. Let God take the stress and the pressure,  give Him all the thanks and praise you can muster.






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