~Resting in God~ By Faith

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~Resting in God~ By Faith

 Exodus 14:14 (NIV) “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Learning to rest in God is a skill, I am grateful to say I am finally developing. For most of my life this has not been the case…usually I was taking on the happiness of others, the results in my business, financial stress, basically any and all of the burdens He never asked me to carry. This caused me to look into anti-anxiety medication at the age of 17, which might have helped temporarily, but would not solve the root of my issue – which really comes down to trust and surrender. Easier said than done, right?

I mean, I wouldn’t want to be irresponsible. Doesn’t my worry help me plan, or something??? What I’m learning is that there is a delicate balance. Joyce Meyer, a prolific speaker and powerful woman of God says, “If we do what we know to do, God will do what only He can do.”

Here are a couple of the tools that have been helping me bring this beyond my quiet time in the morning throughout my day –

First of all I start my morning with what’s called a ‘Miracle Morning’ a very good book by Hal Elrod. My meditation consists of me visualizing crawling into Jesus’s lap and laying my head on his chest.  He puts the robe of righteousness on me (it’s white silk in my mind) and I ask him to tell me what His thoughts are about me, after which I describe how it feels to be in this place of rest. It feels safe, secure and peaceful.  It feels like freedom, it feels like trust, it feels light and easy. It feels fun, it feels hopeful. I go on like this silently from that place for one minute if that’s all I have or for up to 10 minutes or more – Truly trying to “be there”.

Since I’ve been doing this for almost 2 months, I am working more than I ever have in my business and yet I feel as if I am able to rest in Him almost the entire time!  Focus on Him – be a shining light and trust that He will do the rest! I’ve also had amazing circumstances happen that could have never happened in my own power.

This is a gift that is freely given to us. It’s whether we take on the verse above (or any promises for that matter) and actually try to practically apply in our lives or just read it and feel comfort for that moment. I once heard James McDonald say, “If you start to worry, get on your knees – (literally if possible, mentally if not) and give him the burden, when you stand back up, pick up a promise relating to that circumstance. You can Google God’s promises about finances etc.to learn what He says.”

Another helpful thing to do is to write down a circumstance that may be causing you stress. On one side of the piece of paper you can write down everything that’s in your control with that circumstance. On the other side of the paper you can write down everything that is out of your control with that circumstance. You then focus all of your energy on doing only the things that you can control and surrendering the rest believing that the victory has already been won, and let yourself delight in Him!

Is this easy? No. It takes a lot of intention, pausing, and praying. But I believe eventually it will become a habit just as the old way of struggling was for me. It is so exciting to think of how much more productive we can be in our lives when we use even half the energy that we’ve been using to worry, stress about the past, or fear forward, and actually apply it to the things He would have us do today for His kingdom!




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