~My Old Junk~ By Rheannon

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~My Old Junk~ By Rheannon

My mom is getting married and moving. I never thought that I would be so excited and so horrified at the same time. 

Excited for her new life, excited for her wedding and moving and everything!!! …horrified by how much junk I had hiding in various places at her house. 

It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself going through old boxes of your things. I have a book addiction. Boxes and boxes of them. I can’t really be mad at myself for that, can I? I have a goal of a some day Library in my forever home. Hence all the books…and VHS…

I also collect journals! I love paper and pens and pencils. There’s something about them that inspires me. Somehow, I seem to particularly enjoy writing in the first ten pages of them and then sticking them away someplace for myself to find in ten years. 

Such have been my adventures of late. Unpacking and repacking my old things. Hey, it’s kinda been fun-I discovered some clothes of mine, a great find! Til that is, I saw they had holes in them… 

Oh! Whyyyy do we hang on to old junk? What good does it do us really? It’s been more stressful finding a place for this stuff than it has been enjoyable. I have to ask myself, “do I really want this or need this?? Where will I put it for now or in the future?”

A lot of the things I am finding in these old boxes are being tossed or taken to thrift for someone who can actually do something with them. It’s taking a lot of my time, too. Thankfully, there are some gems in the lot. Sweet pictures and good memories and fun things. Still, if I could have seen into the future, I would have told myself that I didn’t need all these things I was about to stash away. 

What kind of old junk do you have holding you back? It may be time to go through it and ditch the stuff that isn’t going to do you a lick of good. Go ahead-be spiritual about it. 



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