~The Shovel and the Sword~ By Belinda

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~The Shovel and The Sword~ By Belinda

Do you ever feel like you’re just shoveling dirt from one place to the other? I am mom and I shovel dirt. I get up early in the morning, make breakfast, clean house, do laundry, prepare lunches, feed animals….all before 7:00 a.m. I failed to mention that somehow I also manage to take a shower, put on makeup and straighten my frizzy naturally curly hair…but that’s only if I have time. Some days I leave the house only to finish my makeup in the car. Then, I go to my job and do more shoveling for 8 or 9 hours a day. Then I rush home to make dinner, help with homework, do more laundry, clean toilets, feed the animals again and water the plants. It’s no wonder that by ten o’clock, I’m passed out on the couch, while whatever is on TV Land keeps me company. Then what happens at 5:30 the next morning?  I’m startled with the same song that’s been waking me every morning for the past year.  I get up and shovel more dirt; it’s like the movie Groundhog Day! This same routine becomes merely movement. There’s no momentum. There’s no real meaning. It’s only the monotony of the shovel and the dirt.


So what happens now? What happens when we’ve shoveled so much dirt that we’re standing in a hole? This point in our lives defines us; it sets a precedent for the future with two options. The least challenging, and very boring option is where we hold tight to the handle of our trusty shovel and keep on digging. (I’m reminded of Dory… “just keep swimming, keep on swimming, just keep swimming…”) The hole becomes so deep; we can’t easily escape. We may try to climb out, but the sides pull loose as we struggle. It may even rain, turning our nice comfy hole into a pit of quicksand. Does this all sound familiar?


Gideon was literally hiding in a wine press sifting wheat. His fear of the Midianites kept him from sifting wheat in the normal way, out in the open on top of the hill. He was afraid the enemy would see him, and steal his family’s food supply. For seven years, the Midianites ravaged villages and farms, taking all the food and leaving nothing for the Israelites. Gideon and his people forgot what miracles God performed for the Jewish nation. God saved them from the Egyptians, led them through the desert into the promised land. Yet even in their sin, the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon. Shockingly, the angel addressed Gideon as a mighty warrior!  Gideon wasn’t a mighty warrior but yet God called him that – God knew what He would do with Gideon…the man he would become…  Of course, there’s much more to the story beginning in Judges 6. But the bottom line is that Gideon acted in obedience to God and consequently celebrated victory over the Midianites.


So now what? Option two is definitely more difficult than option one. It requires faith. Here it is: THROW DOWN THE SHOVEL AND STOP DIGGING. Really? That’s it?


Nope, that’s not it.


You have to pick up a sword. You know, a sword that the knights of the round table would have used.  It’s not as easy to hold as a shovel. It takes two hands and determination to really wield it with any dignity. It calls for trust and obedience. It’s heavy and requires spiritual strength. The same characteristics that led Gideon to victory over the Midianites.  We are mighty warriors, not dirt shovelers. God has called ALL OF US to victory and has given us the tools to achieve it.




Belinda Jane is a musicianary, writer, speaker, teacher, coach and all around renaissance woman, who tackles life creatively, wanders down a road less traveled, and leaps beyond the ordinary to share the love of Christ with others.  Find more about Belinda Jane, her music ,and ministry at http://www.belindajanemusic.com.


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