~Walking with a Friend~By Rheannon

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~Walking with a Friend~By Rheannon

It’s hot out. Summer has hit Montana, and the sky is bright and blue nearly every day. What a wonderful season to be here!!

I like waking up to bright early sunrises and taking walks with my friend, Sarah. We have a spot we meet on occasion and take a spin around town for a couple miles before going our separate ways. 

Today we met in the usual spot, exchanged a hug and started our walk. We always have good or productive conversations when doing this. I think better out loud when I’m walking, for whatever reason. When things are on my mind, a walk is usually a good way to get them out!

Today, though, we walked and talked about light hearted things and crossed from this street to that, taking in the sunshine and summer air. 

Then I saw him. Barely really-a glance of his pale skin against the dark grass caught my attention for a brief moment. I almost didn’t see him lying there near an office building in the shade by a bush. 

He was tired, rubbing his eyes, and thin. I walked past as we continued talking. I didn’t get far. Feeling the Spirit of God smash into my soul, I turned around.  I didn’t have any money with me…I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. 

He lay there, trying to catch any rest he could, eyes closed, head resting on a blue backpack, arms and legs crossed. He didn’t see me. 

“Hi.” I said. He opened his eyes and peered up at me through tired lids and said hello. I asked him if he was ok. Disheartened, he said he just didn’t know what to do with his life…I could see he was sad and needed some encouragement. 

“Has anyone prayed for you?” I asked. 

“Sure,” he replied, and still laying in the grass extended his hand out to me. I took it, and we held hands in the same form as a handshake and I began to pray for him. 

I prayed that he would experience the peace and presence of God and that the love of God would come wash over him. That He would know God has not forgotten him…that he would experience God’s love and for God to care for all his needs. 

His lip quivered and he held back tears as God’s love did indeed wash over him. The man was receiving God’s heart for him as we said “amen.” 

He thanked me and showed me his cross necklace and tattoo after I asked him if he knew Jesus as his savior. He did. 

I didn’t have any money with me, but I had a nalgene of water and some snap peas for snacking. 

“Do you have any water or snacks?” I asked. 

“I don’t got nothin…”

“No water??”


I pulled my bag off my shoulder, handed him the snap peas, which he began to eat immediately and then pulled out my nalgene. I took off the purple clip I had on it, and key chain and asked him if he minded having a water bottle with floral print on it. 

“No I wouldn’t mind,” he told me. And I said, “then it’s all yours,” giving him the bottle. 

Sitting up, he thanked me again, told me the peas were good and with a smile, we parted company. 

Walks with friends can be really powerful things. I know today I was not only walking with Sarah, but with Jesus, as He guided our steps toward a man who needed food, water and hope. 

I would encourage you to walk with Jesus and be open to His hearts desire for your day. I was so close to missing that moment with this man and just walking by, but thank God, His Spirit wouldn’t let me. 

God’s heart is for people everywhere. In the workplace, in our families, in our churches, neighborhoods and on our streets. You have the chance to be the one who stops for them. Be the one, for the one. 

One by one our world can be changed, filled with God’s love and hope. Because of you, and walking with a Friend…



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