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~Hope~ By Faith
I recently heard a message and listened to a book from an incredible couple, Jay & Katherine Wolf, called “Hope Heals.”
The main message I received from the book caused me to question what I have been putting my hope in. 
Depending on the season, whether lacking something, yearning for something, or feeling inadequate, I realized I have been putting my HOPE in the outcome of the flavor (issue) of the month, week or year. 
She said in her book, if my hope is resting in an outcome, my expectations will crush me. 
I see now what a rollercoaster this makes of life. If my joy, relief, praise and peace are all dependent on the uncontrollable things of life turning out how I expect them to, then I am constantly at the mercy of those things. 
As I once heard my Uncle Scott say, “God is the seatbelt in the roller coaster, keeping me safe in the midst of all the unknowns.” 
We are to lean on, trust in and be CONFIDENT in God. Such confident trust brings a lovely sense of security. Security we won’t find in the realization of temporary earthly hopes. Because when we need those things before we feel good about life or ourselves our identity is in the wrong place. 
God asked me last week during time with Him, “Where are you putting your hope? Finances, accomplishments, health & fitness?”
When I can really rely on Him for everything and my hope can be anchored in Him no matter what, I can live this life with an open hand to my circumstances and be completely free in whatever He leads me to. 
I can feel as relieved, grateful and celebratory as I would be if “this or that happened” because the victory has already been won. 
He is the answer to my prayers. He is the realization of my dreams. 

2nd Corinthians 2 Encourages us, “But, thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us spreads and makes evident everywhere the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of Him.”


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