~Belonging~ By Sue

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~Belonging~ By Sue

“I just want to belong.”  That’s an age old phrase that has been stated all through the centuries. Everyone wants to be a part of something. They want to be loved, accepted and included. Fraternities, organizations, social clubs and school clubs, the list can go on and on. People want to belong.

The need to belong, though, has taken on a new face in the past couple of decades. It is in hyper-mode. Laser-focused and happening at the speed of the computer keys. We are connected by the aid of a digital world. We feel linked, even though we don’t know people personally. We join groups and forums, feeling that we are a vital part of a whole, all the while, many times, never even meeting with these individuals in a face-to-face, personal experience.

It makes me stop and wonder, are we becoming a surface society? Never truly reaching deep down into our own truths. Has this affected us in more ways than we can imagine? Does it directly or even indirectly make us even unaware of who we truly are?

When God spoke about knowing us in the womb, talking with us, having plans for us to prosper and giving us a future while knowing Him, did He know that we would become so dependent on the need to belong, that His words to us would become opaque? That the need for Him would be overshadowed by the need to belong here on earth. 

It seems that we have become a world that is addicted to belonging. Addicted to having other’s view our daily activities, our wins, even our challenges. We are addicted to scrolling through other people’s lives and comparing our own against their 5-minutes of perfectness, caught on a camera or video screen for all the world to see.  

What do we truly belong to? What is really true? What does that face look like behind the camera, behind the computer screen? Do we really belong or is it all just a huge facade? Have you checked your, “I need to belong” meter lately? Maybe it needs reset a bit. I, also, want to belong. But more than that, I ‘need’ to belong to the only One that truly matters.



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