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We believe you have incredible potential in Christ, and you are in fact, awesome!  That’s why we are here – to help you see who you really are, and what you can really do.  We’re all about empowering you in life, love, destiny and faith, so you can take on your world in confidence!

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Meet the Contributors:




Hey!  I’m Rheannon.  I’m a Country Rock and Contemporary Christian Indie music artist, singer/songwriter and worship leader.  I travel and perform all around the United States – having a blast (!!!) – with my husband, Jeremy, who is an owner/operator of a small trucking company.  It gives me ample inspiration for my songs!  I love to encourage and empower people to reach their potential, desires and purpose in Christ and life.  I live in Montana, so when I’m home, you’ll often find me outside enjoying the scenery, biking,  writing music, cooking or hanging out at the gym.  I’m pretty excited you’re here! I’d love to connect with you through Facebook and social media, too!  You can find me through my webpage-




Hi!  I’m Faith.  I’m a Free Car Driving Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics and a Massage Therapist.  I love to work hard and play hard and travel with my Mary Kay business.  My passion is to help others live with joy and peace and be free in Christ.  You could say I am motivational! My dog, Buddy, the furry love of my life, is my hiking and jogging partner.  My high School sweetheart, now Husband, Tyler and I live in Flathead Valley, Montana.  You can see more of what I do here –




Hey friend!  My name’s Marty.  I am a passionate worship leader, inspirational speaker, wife, mother and certified pastoral counselor. My heart is for those who are broken, devastated, and hopeless.  My own personal journey of healing has given me compassion, and keys to freedom from the cages we so often find ourselves trapped in.
You gatta know I love fashion, decorating, rafting, and hiking with my music man in Glacier Park.  Loves!



Sue Image

Hey there, Darlin’!  My name is Sue – I’m a Creative Consultant, Life Coach and Project Manager at The Inner Vizion.  I’ve worked primarily in the music industry to assist musicians and small business owners in creating an 18-month plan through my program, The Discovery Process.  My goal is to teach, not just for a moment, but teach to cause a domino effect for a life-time!  I currently reside in Spring Hill, TN with my husband, and I’m the mom of 3 daughters and proud Gramma of two.  You can learn more about who I am and what I do by visiting




Welcome!!  I’m Jessa.  Well, what can I say??  I’m in love with life – I just see it as a gift! I have a beautiful baby boy and have been married to a wonderful man for three years. To me, family is a big deal.  It’s a passion of mine.   Right now I’m attending Kaplan University to attain a Masters in Early Childhood Education and Administration in order to grow in my knowledge of child development and teaching.  I’m a stay at home mom and part-time bookkeeper for my Dad’s business in a manufacturing corporation.  A few of my favorite things are painting, performing arts, health and fitness, the scenic views of Montana, cooking, learning, writing, and taking care of my family.  I’m super glad you’re here.  I know life can be tough sometimes, but together, I know we can make it!